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What happened? On Linux Mint, the window behavior is pretty darn near perfect. Meaning that users can place their windows anywhere, and have them show up the same way they left (or closed) them. But on Zorin OS, this isn't so. If I use the Xorg window interface, the situation improves somewhat, but then I have to deal with buggy window behavior (e.g., a window minimizing into the background opposite the actual window that's being closed). Not OK. But if I go back to the regular Zorin desktop option, these things disappear, but I can't have my windows be where I'd like them to be. This is annoying and rather disappointing, since from what I can gather on these forums, Zorin OS 16.3 didn't have this problem. But with Zorin OS 17 (especially the "pro" version), the problem is present. Why'd the Zorin brothers do this? It really does come off as a massive regression in the user experience.

Can Zorin @staff reply? Thanks.


Found out about Gnome Tweaks. Installed it and set the windows to show up centered onscreen every time I start a non-fullscreen app. It does help, but at the same time, come on, ZorinGroup. Come on, Zorin brothers. I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, but if you're going to market Zorin OS as a Windows replacement, you should have Zorin OS behave like it as much as possible, especially with regard to window behavior and management. (Why this is not so with version 17 is puzzling, quite frankly.) Former Windows users are going to be frustrated with this new scheme that apparently has replaced whatever was in place with previous OS versions. And existing users have indicated their displeasure, too, on these forums. One of the main attractions of Zorin OS to me was that it is meant to be as easy as possible of a transition going from Windows to Linux. Having to install a separate non-system app that I happened to find out about at random to help with the problem does not help, nor is it appealing to me as an user. If Linux Mint can do it, so can Zorin OS. Do the right thing. Release an update to fix this. If not anytime soon, at least make it a feature change for version 17.1. Thank you very much.

(Am tagging @Aravisian here since he seems to be very active on these forums and may have a direct line to the Zorin brothers or someone with ZorinGroup and can alert them as to this feedback - I don't know - maybe not. Thanks.)

(Also tagging Zorin @staff.)

(I am also a paid user - if that makes any difference. Thanks again.)

(EDIT: I guess @staff will notify the Zorin brothers themselves, so OK.)

Can you please edit your Forum profile to show ZorinOS edition you are using is "Pro". Thanks

PS. As Z17 is new, the best place to give feedback on the Forum is the "Feedback" section of the Forum. Do not ask help questions there, just write feedback to devs.

I have therefore moved this to "Feedback"

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Thank you for moving this topic. I appreciate it. @zabadabadoo

EDIT: I also updated my profile to reflect that I am a "pro" user. Done.

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Last thing about the windows in Zorin OS for now - another thing that I (and other users, I'm sure, too) would like to see is that resized windows keep their size after being closed, too (in addition to whatever position they had, as well). I sincerely hope you guys will respond here to this whole feedback thread. Thanks. @staff

I have often wished that I had a Bat Phone I could use to immediately put me to the front of the line to reach the ZorinGroup about urgent matters... I sadly do not.
The ZorinGroup is two people and they manage not only the forum, but all of Zorin OS and Zorin Software development as well as all Pro Installation support.
It can take some time for them to work down the list to all questions and queries.

For them, time is something that needs careful management. Your feedback is important for Zorin OS since it directly reflects user experience. You are not alone in voicing this opinion. In fact, many users ask about windowed apps retaining memory of size and position. It's a pretty common question.

Size/position memory is also something that is handled by the application. The desktop can request that function from the application, but it cannot write it into an application that lacks it. So even with that setting enabled, there will be some applications that won't remember size or position no matter what you do. Just something to keep in mind.

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Ha. Good one about the Bat Phone. Understood about window size and position being handled by the application on a case-by-case basis. But if Linux Mint can do it, so can Zorin. That's all I'm saying, man. And the criticality of this feedback is particularly unique to Zorin, because again, being as similar to Windows as possible is part of its shtick. Cannot imagine a situation in which windows management and behavior isn't made part of that same premise. If the ZorinGroup comes out and says, "hey, we hear you; we will work on this for the next point release" or whatever, then great. Either way, I think communication from the ZorinGroup would be key here, especially if this issue is seen as a regression going from version 16.3 to 17, and it detracts from the promised user experience. I hope they communicate.

Thanks. @Aravisian @staff

Also - the fact that software like Gnome Tweaks can work (e.g., centering windows) and have had similar feature functionalities integrated into other OSes (e.g., Mint) goes to show that, yes, Zorin OS and the ZorinGroup can address this user interface issue. If it can be done, then ... well, why not? @Aravisian @staff

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