Windows crash after error when installing zorin

My boot all blank after trying install and meet many error. i use zorin 12. my windows gone. dont know what to do tomorrow to fix my windows. all my stuff in there..

Zorin OS 12 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 - Xenial.

We are currently on Zorin OS 16, with Zorin OS 15 Lite being the only remaining edition supporting 32bit machines.

Are you able to boot into Zorin at all?
Are Windows and Zorin OS using EFI boot or Legacy (MBR) boot?

It's not necessary the installation that is wrong. It can be a bios problem. Not sure how your partion is set up but ( If I remember correct didn't use windows for some time cept remote support ) Make sure your bios is set accordingly.

Don't know your hardware but in the bios it will give you 2 options UEFI and Legacy. Now when you make a windows start up disk. Best is the get the iso from Microsofts website. Then either use media creation tool or rufus. I prefer Rufus because I can basically duplicate my old account and just transfer it. There are 2 options in rufus. MBR or GPT. All you have to check is is the hdd/ssd with the windows on MBR or GPT and set you bios accordingly. Personally I prefer MBR over GPT.

( UEFI and Legacy are actually old tech. I am using a 12y old AMD the moment and even she has the option ).

Recovering your data is not going to happen at this point. If you had another computer, you could possible hook the drive up as an external on the other machine and copy what you wanted to save, if you hadn't written over it.

Since you attempted, already, to install zorin, a disk format has taken place and some of the data may have been overwritten already.

You would need recovery software and that is no guarantee that it would be successful.

If the machine is limited to 32bit, Zorin 15 is the limit of what you can run, since it is the last 32bit version of the OS.

I recommend reinstalling with Partition & Install as a guide to help you.

@Aravisian has suggested a disk recovery app in the past. Maybe worth a search on the forum to find it.

Maybe too late here for such advice, but anyone installing an OS alongside another, or messing with disk partitions, should perform a full offline back-up of their data before proceeding. This is simple disaster recovery technique and disasters do happen, often when you least expect them.

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Disk Digger. It has a free version and does work on Linux without Wine.

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