Windows installation question 😅

Sorry for the question :sweat_smile: but I was installing windows 10 in my pc. I have created a bootable USB and it is working in my older laptop :joy: but not in my daily PC. First I restarted my pc and selected my usb as boot device. Then it was just loading the process and a small "-" was blinking on the top left side of my screen. It should then run the windows install but it didn't worked and instead after some time an orange screen with white stripes appeared to me :woozy_face:
It looks like this :point_up_2:t2:
How can I fix that? I know i should visit windows forum but I feel more friendly here and other forum just look outdated :sweat_smile::joy:
Some information :
I have a Legacy Bios. And I already have Zorin 15.3 lite and 16.1 core in my pc.

You therefore need to make room for Windows and Windows cannot be added after GNU/Linux, it has to be at the start of the drive, or you can expect problems.

You might want to consider using this on you notebook with Windows 10 on it:

Does that mean I have to delete all the files of the HDD and start a new fresh instalation?

If you want to dual-boot, then yes. I have seen a Notebook that had Debian Sid on it and Windows at the end at a training session I attended many years ago to do with Braille Translation Software and it kept crashing! C:\ drive likes to be at the start of a drive, even on SSD! My manager at the time many years ago wanted me to solve an issue with an Eee pc netbook that was crashing (Windows XP Home/Starter edition, FAT32) - classic case that the drive ran out of space for updates! The SSD was formatted roughly into a 4 Gb and 6 Gb partition - there was no way of merging to 10 Gb and Windows could not be installed to the second 6 Gb partition. Solution? I installed Zorin (can't remember which version - might have been 6) at the time on the 6 Gb Partition, having first created a /boot partition of 512 Mb on the 6 Gb partition and nominated this for GRUB. The 4 Gb partition was formatted as /home, Ext4 FS. No need for swap on an SSD. I even installed, naughtily, Windows 2.7.7 theme that made the machine boot with the Windows 7 boot logo! I also installed Wine and Office 2007 without issue - and the manager never used it! Aaaarggghhhh!

And what if I buy a separate HDD for windows?

I boot win 11 and Zorin on different drives without any problems. I had win 10 in legacy mode on a different system before that. Was your usb created to boot in legacy mode ?

That should be fine

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