Windows Key not pushing the start button

This might sound stupid, but i am trying to get it that when i push the windows key(between ctrl and alt) it should click the "start" button in the bottom left corner
cant seem to see how to map it :frowning:

Click Zorin :zorin: icon bottom of screen. Then click settings.

Go here...

Click here...

This is where you setup your keyboard shortcuts.

I thought it does this by default...
But yes, you can:
Please open Zorin Appearance > Interface > Left Super Key
and click the drop down menu to change it from Activities Overview to Zorin Menu.

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It does on my Zorin installation, but it seems like sometimes things are hinky with some people's installs. :flushed:

That did the trick


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keyboard layouts. As long as it was en_us it remains the same though I don't know about the other cases if ever.

The above option is a brilliant addition by the ZorinGroup, as previous to that option being added in the Zorin Appearance Menu, we were fielding tons of questions on that problem.

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