Windows not booting

I am unable to boot windows 10 after installing zorin os in a free drive of my hard disk

Whenever I am pressing enter I am getting black screen

Did you turn off secure boot when installing zorin ? If yes try to turn it on and check again


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  1. Did you install Zorin in Legacy or in UEFI?
  2. Did you install Zorin in the same drive as where Windows has been installed?
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@Rishiverma Did you solve this? It is important to clarify when you request help if or if not you did fix the issue at hand. Others use the information to form a solution with systems they have.

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Did you try login to Zorin and do sudo update-grub in terminal?

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1 legacy
2. Different drive

Switch to UEFI (if possible)....It solves several problems.

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After writing this when I enter windows 10, it is now showing black screen only

You may need to try to repair the MBR for the bootloader. You can do this in Zorin OS LiveUSB using Boot repair:

No nothing is working

You may have to use the windows image to repair or recreate the windows boot manager partition.

Legacy and efi do not exist together well. Most have problems with booting zorin, this is a rare outcome that you can't boot windows.

Since it's on a separate disk, have you tried booting from that device through the bios? Did you overwrite the windows boot partition or create a new one? If you created a new one then even though grub sees windows, it can't access it. You will have to change boot devices.

Not different disk it's on different partition

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