Windows or Zorin distribution?

If someone is interesting choice which one to choice here is some review.

The new ubuntu 24.04 is release this weekend.
That means Zorin will get some updates in near future?

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No, I don't think so. Zorin 17 is on Ubuntu 22. And in a Main Version that will not change.

I talking with people and they using mostly 22.04 for longer updates security kernel to the 2028.

Maybe we'll see some kernel updates after a few months.

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Yeah, now we have that too. There are coming Kernel Updates for the 6.5 Kernel with Stuff from the Manic Minotaur Kernel.

But the normal Update Suppoort for Ubuntu 22 goes to 2027. Longer is possible with Ubuntu Pro.

New apt on board.

I don't think we'll see it in Zorin OS 17 though, the release of APT 3 is planned for Ubuntu 24.10 and Debian 13 (Trixie):

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