Windows pagefile-like option?

I'm wondering if Zorin has a pagefile-like area that is used to save ram, and if there is how can I increase its size?

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What you are referring to is 'swap area' in GNU/Linux. If you do an automatic install with Zorin where it does everything for you it usually creates (as in other Distributions) a 1 Gb file. The traditional method when doing a manual install is to create a 'swap area' partition that is double the amount of physical RAM you have in your machine.
How I normally would install Zorin if I was using it as my daily go to:

  1. Create a FAT32 partition for EFI of 50 Mb in size and make it bootable.
  2. Create 'root' file system, labeled as '/', a Primary partition and formatted to Ext4 (unless of course its an SSD (Solid State Drive) when I would format to Ext2 file format.
  3. Create an Extended/Logical partition - inside of this I would creae a 'swap area' at the END of the logical partition, so I have 16 Gb of RAM in this rig of mine so I would make the swap area 32 Gb (32768 Mib).
  4. All the space left in front of swap area I would format as Ext4 and label it as '/home' for all my data.

is it possible to increase the swap area after install?

Not unless you enabled LVM (Logical Volume Management) as traditionally in GNU/Linux you could only ever shrink partitions. LVM has its own issues at times which is why I never use it. But here is a guide:

ok, so I should just reinstall in a bit once I upgrade my storage anyway?

That might be the best way forward. In terms of the '/' partition I forgot to mention that I used to allocate 30 Gb but after an issue with running out of space on a different distro, also based off Ubuntu I make '/' 50 Gb to be on the safe side.
If you have any data in your /home directory, always make sure to press Ctrl+ H to see hidden files and folders if there are settings you want to keep for a fresh install e.g., .thunderbird will hold all your configuration settings. Just get a large USB stick or external drive, create a folder, call it say Zoriin 16 home backup and just Ctrl+ A everything in your /home folder, then Ctrl+C to copy to clipboard, then open your USB device folder and press Ctrl+ V to paste.

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