WINDOWS QUESTION - How to reinstall windows 10 from zorin by using my windows instalation usb drive

hi i have a windows 10 usb instalation kit from windows but when i pluged in the usb instalation kit i did not have a automatic pop up window so how do i get my windows back after losing everything including my partition how do i switch back to windows 10 home

Did you lose your partition?

Is the Windows installer the sort that you Boot From like the Zorin OS installer is?
I have never installed Windows 10 from a medium, so any assistance I can offer would be very limited.

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yes it like a windows cd but in a usb

PZorin os is "ext4" file system, Windows needs "ntfs". I guess you will have to change the ext4 partition into ntfs. You can do it with "gparted" started from usb.
Afterwards it must be possible to install windows from usb. (i am not an expert!). It is for me difficult to explain because i am dutch speaking.

If you are attempting to boot with a USB the bios needs to be set to that option or the boot/installation process won't start. Once you have booted the windows installer you can format the disk delete partitions and reinstall windows. If your device info is still on Microsoft servers you can reinstall without windows activation problems.

Lookup your device and find-out how to enter the bios and check the boot device priority. Be sure usb is set first.


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