Windows screen cast on Zorin os

I was using windows 11 pro on my desktop and laptop. and I was able to cast my desktop screen to laptop and then I could use my laptop as a secondary monitor. But, now I install zorin os operating system to my laptop. and I can't share or cast my desktop screen to my laptop anymore. So, Is there any best way to do this? And I don't want to depend on the internet to this casting process. I want like windows can do with it's built in cast system without using internet.

Does this describe what you are looking for?


I check it. But, It's not clearly mentioned whether it is possible to cast windows screen to zorin os installed device.

Are you trying to cast from Windows OS to Zorin OS?
I misunderstood your O.P.

The only method I can think of doing this (Without using internet, but still using your Home WiFI) is by setting up a VNC server or by setting up Secure SHell (SSH) with X11 forwarding and then connecting from the Windows PC to the Notebook computer.


The capability is available if your screen has bluetooth. You can pair it and in the display settings, cast to the screen in question.

If you are attempting to use your laptop as a second monitor, this is not possible. A laptop screen doesn't accept connections, except by wifi (it must pass through the motherboard). Even an HDMI connection will be out, not in.