Wine and my beloved F1 manager game

Hello there everyone.
I'm a real petrolhead and I love F1. I've been playing a manager game called iGP Manager for a few years now.

Earlier this year I decided to ditch Windows and installed Zorin (I'm currently dual-booting). And here's the problem:
I decided to install the manager game's desktop application (found here: using Wine, and it installed perfectly. But when I start it, all I get is the loading screen. (On Windows, that's where the application downloads about 2.5 gigs of game files).
It would be great to get it up and running, as it's the only thing I have running Windows on my laptop. (In case you're wondering, it's a Lenovo Yoga N23 with an Intel Celeron N3160).
If you have any idea let me know.
Have a nice day.


I believe you might need to provide more of the details regarding wine. I am unsure about how this falls into scope for here but I would recommend checking out Wine building service - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily!
although your game isn't found in there, it's a good place to start imo.

If you're interested in providing the details of your specific configuration for wine here it may get a bit more traction and lead to quicker resolution.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I understood it that iPG is on Android only.
The Windows and Mac downloads are for use with an Android emulator.

You may be right, I haven't really thought about it and I don't think that they have developed a standalone app for Windows.

It's Wine 6.0.3 and I haven't really changed anything

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