Wine app doesn't work will

wine doesn't work will , I can't run paltalk on it, and there are a lot of windows apps that can't run will, it just make setup and open the interface of the app and disappear, and may u notice network bandwidth is consuming and don't know who consume it and can't stop that consuming just i can stop it by restart pc

Hi @eid it might worth separate the issues in two - unless closing wine fix the one with the network bandwidth.

You might want to explain a bit more about the issues you got, give to the other users a bit more of information about your setup, and what you did to troubleshoot them.

Otherwise it's very difficult to help you out effectively.


The newer versions are rated garbage: WineHQ - Paltalk Messenger
You should look for an alternative:

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Wine never worked properly for me either, its why I stopped using it. Many Windows APP use what is called services, in order to interface with the hardware. But its expecting all the facets of the Windows OS, in order to function.

Since Wine is a sort of sandbox, it doesn't really allow Windows APPS to properly interface with the hardware, and that breaks many Windows APPS, that rely on the use of services.

There were a few times I got a Trojan virus through Wine, because it came from Windows APPS. Believe it or not, even many popular Windows APPS are not safe, because they often bundle them up with malware.

I remember a game from the early 2000's in particular that came bundled up with 3rd party software, because of whatever deal the game developer made with the 3rd party, to advertise their software, its disgusting what has gone on with Windows APPS in the past.

Then most recently, Wine allowed me to open a file with an extension designation I never heard of before. And in doing so, my system got hacked in a way that I had no control, and it started making copies of my file directories and putting them on my desktop.

My system was no longer under my control, no controls were working. The only thing I could do was do a force shutoff and then start back up. Only to discover my OS was a complete mess. In an effort to try and clean up the mess that I caused by clicking on that file, I ended up making it worse.

Because I didn't realize that the copies, were not just copies, they were I guess you call symbolic links as well? Meaning, when I was deleting the copies directories on my desktop, it also deleted them off my actual HOME directory on the drive as well.

Basically, all my bad experience with Wine, lead me to make a decision, that it is absolutely not needed. All the APPS I wanted to run when I switched to Linux, MS Office, Partition Magic, Photoshop, Malwarebytes, and countless others, most of which have native Linux alternatives already.

Gimp for example is like your photoshop, its an awesome and powerful image editor that I use all the time and recommend.

Kdenlive is also a powerful video editor. Does it rival Adobe Premier? No. But its capabilities put it between Windows Movie Maker, and Adobe Premier.

Libri Office, WPS Office, Open Office, are all excellent MS Office replacements that can be used for your office related apps and tasks.

Remember I mentioned Partition Magic? Well OK, on Linux you have a few powerful tools that I recommend as alternatives. There is Gparted, which comes with your OS already. Then there is Clonezilla and Rescuezilla as well.

VLC player which can be installed on Windows and MAC, also have a Linux version that you can install. Everybody knows VLC right? No explanation necessary I think.

So you see, just as I had to learn, there are alternatives to using Windows APPS. I, like so many other's who switch to Linux, just needed the time to learn of these alternative APPS. Anyways, thats my take on Wine.


you are right about using native linux apps, there r very good apps such the apps u talked about, and there r very good built in apps in linux. for the apps that we had to use windows for it, we can use linux in dual boot with Windows

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@eid Are you still seeking a solution, or are you content to use wine when it works and dual-boot windows when it doesn't and/or native linux apps instead?

it's ok, I use dual-boot windows with linux, there r some windows apps I can't leave them, may be in the future wine became better.

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