WINE apps produce beep

When using any ALT + key keycombo in a windows program running through wine produces a beep, is there any way to turn this off?
it's the same beep as writing:, echo - ne' \007' in terminal

Been struggling to find similar occurrences through a web search. All I can think of is it might be sending a Sticky keys warning somehow. Does it do this at all in Zorin or just Wine? It's all I can thing of at the moment, sticky keys combo, like when you hold the shift key too long in Windows you get a Sticky keys warning after a beep.


it's only in wine, and only Alt key combo's.
I've been trying to figure it out and checking wine settings but I'm out of ideas

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How did you install Wine. Did you install as part of Zorin's "Windows App Support"?


no I use lutris and steam


Check this out :-


thanks I will check that

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