Wine HeidiSQL not re-drawing open menus on close

Not sure if this is a zorin or more general thing.

I'm using HeidiSQL via wine, as that was my preferred SQL GUI from windows.

However I've got an issue where it's not re-drawing open menus when moving off them, the same happens for modal windows.

These also persist when moving away from HeidiSQL to other applications and will overlay them too. See screenshots:

I've tried Wayland and x11 and the issue is present in both.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Did you install in similar fashion to this?

There is also a snap method, I don't know if this option would help issues you are facing:

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Thanks, took a look at the snap version and that did exactly the same. Then I realised it only happens when I change the theme. So if I keep it in the default light theme it's ok, so I'll just do that.

The snap version seems to work a bit better than the one installed from exe too.

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