Wine improved after the OS upgrade, but partially

I had to edit the GRUB file otherwise I'd have never accessed the GRUB, it was never showing by pressing Esc or searching myself on the BIOS settings. Anyway now the game minimizes itself as soon as launched, the right line is black, the sky is drawn in white (others are floating lands), text that appears over the sky is printed temporarily on it and there are problems with surfaces (pairing these pictures with the previous ones you see what's not supposed to be seen).

Also, what would be the advantages of using an older kernel for the rest of the system? I don't think it's the case to use an older kernel only for some games, rather I'd report this to the Wine developers if a similar or equal report doesn't already exist. And in case an older kernel doesn't give these problems why would they occur on later kernels? New versions are supposed to include fixes to issues that their earlier versions already had.