Wine installation error (Change of media)

I tried downloading Wine; I added the keys and reppositories flawlessly but when I'm going to install the program I get this message

0 actualizados, 181 nuevos se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 7 no actualizados.
Se necesita descargar 178 MB/209 MB de archivos.
Se utilizarán 1.486 MB de espacio de disco adicional después de esta operación.
¿Desea continuar? [S/n] s
Cambio de medio: Inserte el disco etiquetado como
«Zorin-OS 15.3 Lite 64bit»
en la unidad «/media/cdrom/» y pulse [Enter].

I know it's in Spanish, but after the confirmation (Y/n) I get that message that translates to:
Change of media: Insert the disk labeled as
«Zorin-OS 15.3 Lite 64bit»
in the unit «/media/cdrom/» and press [Enter].
Please help, thanks guys.

In the Software & Updates application, look at "Other Software" tab - Is CDROM Checked to ON?
If so, check it to OFF.
Then, sudo apt update and try installing WINE again.


From the store or from the wine website ?

From the WineHQ; I added their reppositories and then tried to install it from there.

IT WORKED! Thanks!


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