Wine, or its alternatives? what is the best in your experience?

I decided to use wps-office or libre-office for creating and editing new document, and use ms-office (over wine or wine alternative) for displaying the exists documents(which created with ms-office in windows). so what is the best for that task? wine or its alternatives, I think in using wine , but I hear that is not good.

Some recommend Bottles:

I have never tried it out, so I cannot vouch for it personally. But I have heard much good things about it...


I have heard of CrossOver. You can try this out :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Crossover is Wine...:wink:


You can also try VMware or GNOME Boxes :sweat_smile:
But as of I can think it would require a good PC


Keep in mind that the emulators do not always run the latest version. Your version of MS office could be from I believe on Wine 2016.

Putting Windows into a virtual machine and loading MS office on it, is IMO a better alternative.

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Or just install Free Office from SoftMaker - it's what I used from lockdown until retirment - much better workflow and layout than MS Word (any version!):

I bought a 5 machine licence for just over £23 for the 2018 version in 2018 and upgraded for £55 for SoftMaker Office Pro 2021. You can install on 5 machines fro the pro - which can include Windows, Mac or Linux. The Windows version has a fully functioning MathType add-in - cheaper than paying an annual licence for MathType at £69+ per year per machine!

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there r a lot of features weren't exists in LibreOffice and other free offices, but I think the wps-office is the most similar one for ms-office in providing a lot of features like art borders and diagram shapes?,so I can mix with using these apps, I can make LibreOffice and softmaker in writing(because they support all languages in spell check). wps-office doesn't support spell check for all languages, but for perfect displaying documents which have been created with ms-office2019 , I must use ms-offie2019 or converting all to pdf if I don't need to edit them.

Thank you so much for the info about Free Office. I just downloaded it and checked it out. I really like how everything including the planner section is compatible with MS Office. And it also can export files to excel format as well as PDF and many others. Thanks again. I was not aware of such a great program.

When I was in lockdown the documents created in SoftMaker Office 2018 and 2021 were opened up in MS Office 2019 - no issues!

My Pleasure Carroll! SoftMaker Office 2018 (the usually paid for version) is free to Schools and Teachers.

But if u open docs which have diagrams or shapes or art border u will get Missy,how u can make art border or diagram in soft maker?

I always used Vector Graphics as Word Processor graphics are C R A P when it comes to blurred edges when magnified. Inkscape - nothing better.

I was having a headache with WINE playonlinux and a few other things I tried to get GuildWars2 running.
BOTTLES installed and ran it easy thanks for the tip on Bottles.


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