Wine showing error

While installing Opera GX, I am getting this error. Here is the screenshot:
What is problem here?
Screenshot from 2024-01-13 19-48-24

How did you install it? Is this on ZorinOS 16 or 17?

EDIT: Just tried on ZorinOS 17 and got the same error. However, on WineHQ I see that the installer is reported to not work, but the portable version should run fine according to this. Maybe from but I can really vouch for how reliable the site is.

like what? WIne or Zorin os 17.
and what is this site about, means how this fixes my problem?

Opera GX does not run in Wine, same for all other Opera browsers.

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It looks like even the portable version doesn't want to run. Wine is the compatibility software that powers the support for Windows software on Linux, but the support varies. Unfortunately it looks like this just isn't supported.

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Just download Opera from the Software Center. I understand it's not the GX version. I also understand there's no GX version available for Linux. But you'd still be able to get the Opera experience through the normal browser. Good luck.

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