Wine-tkg installation on ubuntu 18.04

I need this instruction dumbed down for me in a step by step instruction(s).
Why?so I can get the new FL Studio(Fruity Loops) v20.8.3.2304 DAW working, as it crashes upon the app once installed.
this link is too technical for me and I need help specifically the part 'How to get system-wide Wine with TkG patches on Ubuntu easily'.
Thank you for the help in advance

In terminal, can you run wine --version
With that number in your output, you can match it to the releases here:

So, if you have Wine version 6.8, you would want to scroll down to that.
Right click the package you downloaded and choose extract here.
Open the extracted directory in your file manager and at the top, click the icon to show the Pathbar instead of the Button Bar - the Location Icon that switches the appearance from Buttons for each directory of a path to an Entry window with the full path laid out like, /home/$USER/Downloads/file/staging/bin for example. Highlight that path and then right click and copy it.
Open your home profile file with your text editor located in your home folder (ctrl+h to reveal the hidden files that have a period in front of them) ~/,profile
Paste the Path you copied from your file manger above into this:

if [ -d "$HOME/Downloads/wine-6.5-staging-tkg-amd64/bin" ] ; then
-The Copied Path Above Goes Here-

Below that above in .profile paste in:

export WINEFSYNC=1

All that done, Save the .profile file and exit. Then reboot your computer.

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Thanx for the response,will try this when I wake been working on a song release all day..

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Trying it now


Okay so I read that the patch was added to the later Wine 6x so I got wine 6.14 and somehow was able to build it;now how do I install it?

I am not sure what you mean by you built it but need to install it. What steps did you take?

I installed but I'm still moving the old wine to my server then see from there;one sec..

Disregard;managed to install wine 6.14 and got the new FL Studio..but on building it skipped the 32bit stuff.would I have to rebuild?if so,how do I rebuild the wine with the 32bit stuff (libraries I'm guessing)

Did you run:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

No I didnt

Which one was for audio again?

I am sorry, which what was for audio?

When installing wine there was something for audio

Wine utilizes Pulseaudio.

Are you referring to Jack? Or Dsound?

Yeah close my DAW doesn't detect any audio device

Or do I use winetricks

I know that Dsound is installed through WineTricks.
You may check in yoru configuration that your audio is set to PulseAudio in Wine.
And check that you have lib32-alsa-plugins lib32-libpulse installed.

i dont think i hve them

or do i start from scratch
if so, how do i get those 32bit libraries

They may be obsolete, now. I am not sure.