WineHQ istalling

Now Im getting this, lol .

anyone,thanks in advance

i cannot run wine app now.

As the error says, you have unmet dependencies.

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Thanks, what can you advise @337harvey :grin:

Install the unmet dependencies.

can you teach me how please :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait for Harvey to reply, but you may be interested to read this: Unmet dependencies when installing Wine, please HELP!

thanks ...

Download synaptic package manager and install through it.

Or, open the terminal and type sudo apt install libvkd3d-shadert:amd64 If it depends on something else also, include that to (will be in the output of the terminal)

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For reference, I assume your Wine installation from WineHQ, follows on from your thread: Adventure Academy Issue

I agree Synaptic Package Manager will provide you with a good tool to install new and fix broken app installations once you get to grips with it.

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Unable to locate package libvkd3d-shadert:amd64

got lots of errors,while refreshing cache

thanks... solved

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