Wireless Driver question

Have a question about drivers. Just installed Zorin 17.1 on a Dell Latitude e5430. When I looked at the Software & Updates - Additional Drivers this is what I saw:

Screenshot Drivers

Should I leave it as is? Is the driver the best one (latest) or can I use a driver from Zorin/or the manufacturer so that it will update it for me? If that is not possible, how do I go about getting/updating the Broadcom driver directly from the manufacturer?


Ubuntu does the driver support. That is why many distributions base their fork off Ubuntu like Zorin has done.

I would select the option provided in order to get your WiFi to work.

I had a similar issue with Linux Mint 20 series based of Ubuntu too and used the provided Broadcom driver and all was fine.

Unless there is something quirky going on, you should be OK. No guarantee but it should work.

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Thanks for the quick response. I will leave it alone as it does work so far (knock on wood).

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