Wish an Upgrade Guide for Zorin 15.x to 16

Wouldn't it be nice to have an Upgrade Guide for Zorin OS 15.x to 16?

I don't think of the (maybe coming In-Place-Upgrade possibility) but more of a guide that exactly describe what steps to reproduce to make the upgrade from 15.x to 16 by saving xxx folders and subfolders and how to re-write them in the new installation after the basic setup of Z16 is done.

There are so many corners with settings and configs that it is not quite obvious which ones are nescessary which ones are obsolete and how to make the way from 15 -> 16 save and fluently.


You can copy, tar or zip your home directory to another drive or partition. Since Zorin 15.3 has the 5.6 or 5.8 kernel and 16 is running the 5.11 kernel, all applications will have to be reinstalled because those older versions may not work on the newer kernel.

I don't think that ~/homedir is enough.

e.g. /etc/fstab is containing links to NFS and SMB shares, pointing to credential files
misssing cifs-utils and so on and so on.

For OBS Studio you need entries in modprobe ...

So the working OS at the moment consists of more than only the settings in users home folder i think.

Maybe i'm wrong but it would be nice to have a collection of hints what users should be aware of before formating the root dir.



I thought of etc... depending on your use whether you would have such things, and i tried to make it generic because i cannot think of all the ways you use your computer. In essence, if you did a backup of etc, var, usr and home you would have everything. But trying to run 5.8 kernel software on 5.11 kernel will only break things and possibly freeze the machine. Stating only the home directory is a safe procedure for most users.

You could right a script including your installed software. All the configuration files are in your home directory (mostly), so it would transfer customizations and themes. Other than programming a full upgrade yourself these are the only options.