With Zorin 16.2 upgrade my external monitor is not recognized anymore

I upgraded my system from 16.1 to 16.2 and it seems the Nvidia drivers are not working correctly anymore. The monitor is seen but there is no signal to it.

I tried downgrading from Nvidia 525 to 470, however the issue still persisted, and upgraded to 535 and I still get the same issue.

I installed Ubuntu 23.04 and the issue doesn't appear.

I reinstalled Zorin 16.2 and issue is still there.

I tried different suggestions from the internet but nothing worked. At this point I am out of options.

Do you perhaps have an idea on how to solve this?

Please try entering the Grub Menu at boot (tapping esc or tab furiously when you see the motherboard splash screen) and moving to Advanced Options for Zorin
From there, select to boot Zorin on the Previous working kernel that you were on before the update.
You should see a list of
Zorin OS on (latest Kernel)
Zorin OS on (latest Kernel -recovery)
Zorin OS on (previous Kernel)
Zorin OS on (previous Kernel - recovery)

You would choose the third Zorin OS on (previous Kernel) option.
Boot up from there and test the Monitor and graphics. If that works, then a regression in the later kernel may explain the problem and we can lock in your kernel so that you do not have that happen again.

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