Workspace not working properly

I am using Zorin OS 16.3 in my dell latitude 7490, UHD graphics 620,8gb RAM, 256 SSD.
Sometimes the workspaces doesn't work as expected.When I open multiple apps in (let us say 3 workspaces) and try to change workspace using hot corner the apps get interchanged.
for eg. I have vlc in my first workspace, nautilus in my second and browser in my third, When I try to go from first workspace to third sometimes the vlc comes as the background(desktop wallpaper) to the 3rd workspace.
Also sometimes I am not able to change the focused window in same workspace.

You have to change Zorin Taskbar settings, on Behavior and Actions tabs.

I understand the seemingly ease of use to perform these actions with a mouse, but if you used the keyboard shortcuts, this would make this irrelevant. I used 4 workspaces in 16 and never had an issue going directly to a workspace (ctrl + alt + number key, I believe) or toggling through them with arrow keys (super + tab will do activities, including workspaces. Hold super and tap tab to page through them quickly).

Setting up gestures may be of interest also.

While it's not a solution to use hot corners, they are alternatives to accomplish the same task.