Workspaces in zorin lite(xfce)

1-create workspace: type workspace in task menu and open it

2- hide open apps from other workspaces in the panel

3- set of launchers for each workspace:
Note that XFCE already has per Workspace backgrounds. Only need to add per Workspace icons.

CODE: select all

#Switch Workspace to $1 Workspace with its own Background and Desktop icons
cd ~
ln -sfn Desk$1 Desktop    #Make Desk$1 the new Desktop
wmctrl -s $(($1-1))  #Use wmctl to switch Workspace (N.B., 1st workspace is 0)
killall xfdesktop
#end of script

Save as "switch-desk" in your $HOME folder. Open properties of switch-desk and make it executable.
thanks for that page [SOLVED] Different Backgrounds, Icons on Different Workspaces (LM20.x Cinn, Mate, XFCE) - Linux Mint Forums

I always have wondered about work spaces. I have 2 workspace configured, but always only use just 1. Never experienced any problems even if I do some multitasking.
What are the pro and cons of using work spaces and if so is 2 or 3 enough.

it's just about organize your work, u can focus on some tasks in certain workspace, example: if u r programming developer, u can use ur code editors and related things in workspace to focus on that. u can make desktop for gaming and one for other thing etc. u can avoid have too many application icons in your taskbar

Nice to know, guess it will be great using them while multitasking. But still I never had the urge to do so. I would easily forget about the second or third work space while restarting or shutting down my system.

u r right, it's not important for any one , just it's important if u need it, when I use vscode editor , i don't want to see any window or other apps opened

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I use this feature of the OS constantly. Firefox is in the second workspace, slack and zoom in the first and vs code in the third. If i need to access it i have a fourth for evolution. Setting a keyboard shortcut helped with navigating them (i like the right left instead of up down that Ubuntu has set).

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I have two workspaces and when needed, I will use them both - with two monitors, it is like having four monitors I can switch between.
For making an icon set - that can become invaluable...


I think workspaces r very easy in other desktop environments, I think the steps 2,3 in my post is already existing by default in workspace in kde. but i don't know if it is existing by default in gnome?

in xfce there is workspace-switcher item in panel , but I prefer using window menu item in panel because I can see all open windows in all workspaces, so I wouldn't forget about the second or third work space while restarting or shutting down my system

It becomes routine to such between workspaces and see what is open yet. Besides if something is open, Linux is kind enough to reopen it upon boot the next time. This isn't helpful unless you save your work or have it set to autosave.

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