Workspaces never disappear

My Zorin 16's workspaces were working fine 'till yesterday.

Now I can create dozens of workspaces but only by moving windows to workspaces above the first one, never bellow the last (wich it did before). Empty workspaces never disappear, also. I went for a limit test of this new problem and ended up with 15 - 20 empty workspaces that never went away.

The only way I found to lessen the number of workspaces back to just 2 or 3 was: open tweaks for gnome > workspaces > select Static Workspaces mode > choose a small number of workspaces.

When I change back to Dynamic Workspace the problem comes back. It gets stuck to the minimun number that I chose with Static mode and only add up from there.

If I choose only one in Static mode and moved back to Dynamic it gets worse because I can't even create a second one, getting stuck with only one until I change it with Static again.

That's all.

Hope someone knows how to fix it, or hope to have helped pointing out something that passed unnoticed by others.

I do not use Gnome Desktop and cannot effectively give first hand knowledge. Others may be more helpful. In the meantime...
This thread refers to Ubuntu 18.04 but the information on it is still relevant on Ubuntu 20.04 and Zorin 16.

If you need, you can install xdotool with

sudo apt install xdotool

Toward the bottom, another gnome extension is suggested, but note the caveat from the member above that points out every Gnome Extension also poses some security risk.

Thank you for the attention and help, Aravisian.
After 2 days of trying everything it went back to normal on it's own.
But I will check this link you sent anyway, seems to be interesting.

Thank you again.

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