My all time favorite gnome (scoff if you like, but gnome is my choice – best suits my work style) extension is workspaces-to-dock. It’s far better than anything gnome offers. The original maintainer put down his load due to personal time constraints after gnome shell 3.36. RensAlthuis picked the project up long enough to adapt it to gnome shell 3.38, at which point it seems to have been totally abandoned.

It was with great pleasure that I found that Zorin 16 was using gnome 3.38 and that workspacess-to-dock works perfectly in this environment. This is why my distro choices for real work are now Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Zorin 16, and Debian 11. Zorin 17 will probably see workspaces-to-dock gone once more, but Debian 11 should be around for nearly five years still. As I will turn 86 in Feb, that will probably see me out.

Why no one has picked up the project I really don’t understand. I don’t possess the skills to tackle the job, and haven’t the time left to acquire them, but I certainly wish that someone would shoulder the revival.

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Glad to hear that you found something that you enjoy and are able to make it all work for you. However, to answer your question.

Because thats how everything is on Linux in my experience. I have a question. Why hasn't anyone come up with a complete Linux replacement for MSI Dragon Center? With as many MSI machines on the market, being they are popular and all, if anyone should have received some compatible software for it, its MSI.

But Linux is like a battlefield full of potholes to fall into, some have bridges to get you across chasms, other's do not. I find myself quite frustrated with things in Linux, but there is nothing I can do about it. Something is either good or bad.

And I too am not a programmer, and I can't just write software to fix all the problems. Again, glad you are enjoying Linux in what you are able to do, and all that.

They have:

But it is CLI only, no GUI. Same controls, though.

After flirting with os/2 and Windoze 3 in the early 90's, I discovered Yggdrasil Linux and have been using Linux exclusively ever since. Very happy to have found Zorin 16 and its compatibility with Workspacesto-dock. A feature that will, sadly, almost certainly vanish with Zorin 17.

Actually, it seems that there is some faint hope for Workspaces-to-dock as RensAlthuis has created an extension that restores vertical workplace switching to distros using shell 40 and above. Surely a prerequisite for a new version of Workspaces-to-dock. I've tried it on EndeavourOS, Fedora 35, and Ubuntu 21.10 and it seems to work as advertised:
Hope springs eternal.

With the way things are going with Ubuntu, Zorin OS 17 may even be Ubuntu based, we will see how things go. I for one am excited to see whats going to be available to our fingertips when OS 16 LITE is released. Thats what I am waiting for.

Thats the thing with Gnome, they work as long as you have the extensions to do what you need, until said extensions break the DE lol. So far, the extensions I am using haven't done that, but there was a conflict with cosmic till I turned it off.

I say this cause I am enjoying Dash To Panel, which is a awesome extension that I recommend to people, but it will always conflict with the default panel or in POPS case, Cosmic. Whenever you replace a panel, you got to disable the old one.

Otherwise you get overlapping and transparancy issues. Gnome is like a unhappy battlefield. So I am eager to try XFCE again, but under the Zorin atmosphere.


You and me both. I already have Zorin LITE installed on a thumb drive in the event I just can't wait for 16 LITE any longer :wink:

It will be interesting to see which gets installed on my system first. :thinking:


The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last.
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Ohhhhhh, I do believe, I am hilarious :rofl:


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