World of Tanks

I would like to know how to install World of Tanks on ZORIN OS 16 through

Thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I changed the category of this thread since you are not offering a tutorial for the forum but asking for a help.

Because I am not a gamer I cannot help you, but there are several gaming specialist volunteers on this forum. I hope they will pitch in to help you.

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It seems to be for Windows and Mac only. You could try with Wine. I have no intention to try it out for writing a tutorial as it requires registration first.

EDIT: Found this: World of Tanks for Linux OS| Community

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thank you dor the answer. What is root and parent directory?

I ran worldoftanks.exe without installing Zorin Os and it crashed! What can I do to fix this?


Please do not change the category back to Tutorial.
You are asking question not giving teaching.

If you keep this thread in Tutorial you have almost no chance to get a support from our volunteers since the thread will remain unnoticed.


Iā€™m not changing it

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How-To: WoT on Linux - Tech Corner - World of Tanks official forum I found this guide


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