Would you like a guide on Plasma?

I am thinking of doing a guide on Plasma. This will be based on 5.18 which is what Zorin 17 will be able to support. Or do you want a guide to the latest Plasma which runs on other distributions, 5.27?


I think, version 5.18 makes sense.


I think,v5.18 is better because it's more stable than newer one


Yes please! And if available, Plasma 6.

Plasma 6 would be difficult without upgrading some of the libs without breaking the system. KDE Neon has their own repo for libs for that. So I don't think it's possible on Zorin.

Also Plasma 6 is far from bug free and still need to have some major bugs iron out.


Waiting for new update...

The other issue will be the need for a higher kernel. The main bugs that affected me when it upgraded from 5.27 to 6 was no logoff, restart or shutdown which got fixed 3 days later, and libkcolor, which I had to purge various elements. Everything ok now apart from pulse audio which is known to get banjaxed after an upgrade.

I know that. Even Ubuntu 22.04 couldn't get KDE Plasma 6. So maybe the next release (Zorin OS 18) could get it.