Would Zorin OS lite be better with LXQt rather than xfce?

As xfce on Zorin dosent seem any more resources efficient than core (hence I can understand Zorin discontinuing support for it)

But I still don't understand why it seems to be so heavy for xfce. It seems even heavier on resources than even mint cinnamon (heaviest flagship flavor of mint as far as I know). And uses 50% more RAM in idle than mint xfce.

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I'm not too familiar with LXQt, I've only used it once or twice briefly, but I know that XFCE has tons of options in regards to customization, including the widgets for the taskbar (called panel in XFCE) and whatnot. Even if it uses more RAM – which I doubt it would be that much higher – as it's not the only metric to consider.

Measuring RAM is also tricky. At idle you can get quite a difference, for example I get ~500Mb on Lite and ~940Mb on Core. However, after some time using it these values tend to even out as the system caches resources to speed things up, which is a good thing.


Apologies. Xfce even on mint uses a lot of RAM at around 1GB

Don't know what has happened to modern xfce but it seems to use significantly more RAM than it did.

I have never, in the last several years, see XFCE use more resources than Mint Cinnamon. This is a first...

How much does modern cinnamon use in idle?

This is mint xfce on my system (I'm unsure if running it from a USB instead of installing could be the reason it's using so much more in idle)

There are many reasons a system may use a bit more or less RAM at idle, depending on how you installed it and what software you have installed as well as other customizations you have.
On Zorin OS Lite, I use conky with several HUD's for system monitoring that startup within a few seconds of loading the desktop. Terminal window also opens.
Yet, at idle, it will generally sit at under 1% usage or under 700 megs.

On my build of Zorin with Cinnamon, the average was 3% at idle or 1.4 gigs and on Linux Mint, slightly higher at 4-5% or under 2gigs.

Other users may have different setups and not use conky. They may see different results. But using 956megabytes at idle is not bad in modern computing, not at all... Hardware just keeps demanding more and at idle, many new computers will consume a lot as the drivers keep pace with the latest hardware.

Measuring at idle is a lot like measuring the quality of a race car when it is sitting on the track motionless with the engine idling.

Also RAM does not dump all stored memory immediately. It is kept in case it is needed again, so only when RAM is being used with intensity does RAM start dumping to clear space. How long the idle computer sits factors in - since RAM will accrue more filled space the longer it sits, even if you booted up the computer, then went and drank coffee for three hours and never launched a single program or instance during that time.

I can easily set up a machine that uses well under 400 megs on any Desktop Environment, be it Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, Cinnamon... just by turning a bunch of stuff off and disabling certain Hardware functions.
But, once I decide to start the race, I will be driving in a 1974 Fiat 500 while everyone else is in Ferrari's. If I can hit 60mph at all, it will take a couple of minutes to get there.

Performance during usage is the metric by which we gauge uhh.... performance.


For anti x at idle booted from USB (distro hopping a lot)

And 437MB with the browser opened with 1 tab offline. Think it's supposed to be some minimalist version of Firefox (iceweasel I think it's called)

So on some really old 1GB RAM computer maybe it could work...

i like it's default task manger app(qps)it has a lot of fields, i use that app (qps) in xfce

I think Zorin OS is not a dieter. If we compete only for what we can see, we will miss out something important.

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