WOW! Just used the Zorin Upgrader to go from CORE 16.3 to CORE 17

First off...I gotta say the Zorin brothers did a fantastic job in getting the Upgrader implemented. The last time I built my Zorin 16 build it took me 8 hours to get everything done...Today using the Zorin Upgrader the upgrade finished in under 30 minutes. I checked everything afterwards and the only thing I had to do was

  1. Uninstall a duplicate Firefox installation (Flathub)...I use the Snap version which was retained intact.
  2. Uninstall some games which I have no interest in (But I understand some do).
  3. Change my Audacious installation to QTMode from Legacy as the legacy mode could not be moved onscreen. Once it was changed to QTMode Audacious worked perfectly and I was able to change to my Winamp Skin Interface.
  4. Remove the LSP Plugins from my Alacarte Menu (As I use PulseEffects which was updated and installed perfectly).
  5. Remove LibreOffice Writer as I already had LibreOffice installed. (LibreOffice was updated and installed perfectly).
  6. Uninstalled a few other installed apps that I did not want.

All my customizations were maintained (Everything in Place).
Everything working. Wow...I am really impressed. I did image the drive with Clonezilla prior to the upgrade just in case things did not go well but I was really surprised with the little bit of stuff that I had to do afterwards. The whole thing including my cleanup took less than an hour. Quite a difference than last time spending 8 hours doing all installs and customizations. And everything is retained.
Great job guys.


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