WPS Office PDF Copy/Paste

I have a PDF file on Zorin OS 16. However, when I go to copy a text on WPS Office PDF, it would show me the regular mouse, it shows me a hand trying to grab the paragraph and move the whole paragraph as a box. How can I copy and paste a text in WPS OFFICE PDF?

Is this a copy written pdf or one of your own ? I ask because some documents are encoded to prohibit copy with out permission.

It’s a pdf someone sent me for a job. Maybe it’s because I have the free version of WPS OFFICE??

I don't know if it has anything to do with the free version. Normally if you can highlight the text with the cursor you can copy. If you open the document in an actual pdf editor you maybe able to copy and paste into wps.

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Are these free?

If you read the listing in the link, only two are pay software (not foss)...Qoppa and Master pdf editor.

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