Wrap Around Workspaces

I am using the base Zorin Pro installation and have been searching for ways to get the workspaces to wrap around (As in, when you get to the last workspace, it cycles back to the first) (akin to Mint Cinnamon) but I cannot find anything. Does anyone know how or if I can achieve this?


Ctrl + Alt + Right/Left Arrow allow to navigate in workspaces.

If you are using a layout that displays the top panel, you can change workspaces by dragging the mouse across the panel.

This is on Zorin Appearence -> Effects:

Other than that I believe you will have to install some extension.

Afraid not. I was looking for a way to cycle back to the first workspace once I got to the last one.

haven't been able to find an extension

This extension worked for me.

Activate this option and you will be able to loop between workspaces with the mouse:


And with this shortcut you can loop with the keyboard: