Write permissions in /var/ directory

I'm running a fresh install of Zorin Lite and wanted to install Azuracast.

In following the installation instructions, I've done the following steps:

sudo mkdir -p /var/azuracast
cd /var/azuracast

On the next step, I'm required to run the following three commands

curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AzuraCast/AzuraCast/master/docker.sh > docker.sh
chmod a+x docker.sh
./docker.sh install

However the first command fails, with or without sudo, with the error

bash: docker.sh: Permission denied

I imagine I have to modify the directory permissions, or my own permissions, to allow for this command to work, but I'm not extremely familiar with users/groups and what I should or shouldn't be granting access-wise.

Can anyone offer some guidance, or point me in the direction of some reputable documentation that will assist me?

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Without using sudo, I would recommend instead to open a terminal and enter

sudo -i

Then start your sequence of commands. Once you have done this, do not include the SuperUser DO (sudo) anymore for that session.

Perhaps this thread can help:

The author suggests modifying the file.

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Thanks, that worked!

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