Wrong desktop layout on boot up

Running Zorin 17.1 Pro. All going good, till this morning. Switched on, booted up....to be presented with a completely different desktop layout.
I tend to stick to the old style large picture background with icons on top of it, and the Z logo at bottom left for the pop-up menu (it's the desktop layout at top left in the menu of choices).
Instead, I was given a white screen with my choice of background picture in the middle, and with a small selection of applications at the bottom. Scratched my head as to how to fix it all.
Powered down, rebooted.....same desktop layout. Managed to eventually locate the Zorin Appearance icon by scrolling around, and reset the desktop choice.
This morning is the first time I've seen this issue since installing the new OS a few weeks back. I can see now how to fix it, but what has caused this change in behaviour?

Mmm. I guess it was a bad hair day for the Dell computer....

Has the layout returned?

No. I rebooted last night, after a large Zorin update and it presented me with my usual desktop layout. Similarly this morning, my usual desktop appeared with no problems.
A few days earlier I had installed Vivaldi as a browser, but had not had any problems when starting up in the morning from "cold". That, and the recent large Zorin update, are the only main changes I've done since first installing Z17.
So maybe just a blip in the universe caused it...

I am sorry... I am confused.
The details of your post make it sound like after updates and reboot, the issue has been resolved.

However, when I asked, you answered "No":

You can see why I am confused...

I'm having a bad day with ambiguities at the moment.
'Has the layout returned'.......
Yes, the layout I normally use has returned.
No, the layout I did not want has not returned.

I think I've got that right :sweat_smile:

So maybe the big update has fixed it. I'll keep an eye on it.

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I marked your post above as a "solution". If the issue returns, it can be unmarked.
Probably, you are correct that upgraded packages helped to resolve whatever went wrong.

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