Wrong Resolution after Partial Upgrade && Greetings

Hello everyone! Just signed up here on the forum, it's really nice to meet you all!

I come from the arch side of the fence, so I'm not new to linux, but sheesh I'm no expert either. I've been using Zorin since the first two weeks of 2022 and what a nice OS to have : 3

My problem:

Upon updating my system last week, I received a notification that I should do a partial upgrade on the system... it is my policy to not do such a thing (cause it can wrecks systems as far as I know), but after looking carefully through this forum I found out that it was no big deal and people had not really any issues by doing the partial.

I tried updating from the terminal first to see if I could get rid of that, but then again the Zorin updater kept telling me a partial upgrade was recommended. I went on with it, but...

Upon reboot my screen was in the wrong resolution and I seem to have no other option on the settings to change it, just the one that I have that is a bit distorted.

I'm kinda new to the workarounds on debian-based systems, so I don't know how to check if the GPU is being used or not, but I suspect my Nvidia 750ti ain't getting any attention from Zorin.

Any help is greatly appreciated : 3
I don't know if I should provide more info like perhaps my inxi or any logs, but please advise me as needed.

Do you have a Grub Menu that has Advanced Recovery option at boot? If not, keep pressing the left shift key repeatedly to get the grub menu to show up at boot time. Once in safe recovery mode, ensure network is connected and run terminal as root option. Then run the command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If it finds packages, let it do its thing then don't select 'resume' (top option), shut down the machine and then power up.

In addition to Swarfs recommendations, please also check that in Software & Updates, all four of the upper boxes are checked and that in "Download From" you are set to Main server.
For your Nvidia 750 TI, purging Nvidia drivers

sudo apt remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

And reinstalling may work

sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Alright you both thanks for replying. I'm gonna give it all a try and get back to you with the feedback.

@swarfendor437 , @Aravisian , thank you very much for your help! The problem is solved and my res is back to native : 3 \o/
Although... I don't know which of your responses to mark as solution so I'll leave it to you xD

Minor note, I did go to recovery mode, but I couldn't remember the shortcut to open the cli for the life of me, so I did swarf's recommended commands inside a regular terminal on my sudo user... I'm so glad it worked out okay tho xDD

Once again, thank you for the support <3

Glad you got sorted friend.

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