Wrong title bars color

I don't think title bars are supposed to be red, that was my previous setting, now I set green. Of course I didn't check every possible software and window but at least I could see it on Software Updater, Software and Updates and Printer Additional Settings... on Settings > Printers.

Close the offending app then alt+F2 and write r and hit enter.

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I have the Shell Restarter extension handy for glitches like this.

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What do you mean? I can close the app (of course killing it by System Monitor) but pressing alt+F2 does nothing. I saw that it's the keyboard shortcut for Show prompt run command but anyway nothing appeared. Are you suggesting me to install r-cran-littler?

Alt+F2 should bring up Run a Command unless you have Alt mapped to something else. Even in Wayland, tho it will tell you it can't run a command.

Highly recommend the Shell Restarter extension.

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