Xbox One S controller connected, but not working correctly

Hi, I'm having some problems while using my Xbox One S controller wired to my PC, it works and gets recognized as normal, but when I test it using and trying to use it on some other games, I see that its inputs are completely wrong, except for the left joystick, I have tried xboxdrv but it didn't work at all.

I use xpadneo and have zero problems. Perhaps you might check out using that, instead.


Got exactly the same issue when trying to launch GTA V... on top of that once the controller is plugged in, the character and camera will start acting up.

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Do I need to reboot my pc after installing xpadneo, and will it work wired? Because I don't have Bluetooth.

Yes to both questions. :wink:


Oh, thanks it worked! I will mark your answer as the solution :smiley:

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