Xbox Series Controller not appearing within Bluetooth menus

I am unable to pair my Xbox Series controller to pc. The device will not appear in the Bluetooth menu, nor would it appear in blueman. I'm not sure what I can do to fix this.

Are you using xpad or xpad-neo?

I believe I had installed those, however I haven't seen a difference.

Hey, I'm having the same issues. Did you manage to figure out why or how to get the controllers to connect via Bluetooth?

Sam issues also here, but:
After i installed Zorin 17.1 Pro completely new, the Xbox X-Controller was not detected by Bluetooth anymore!
In the old Installation the Controller was detected with any Kernel Version, also with the latest Kernel Version 6.5.0-28!
I tested today the Bluetooth Function with an Ubuntu Live Stick 24.04 without any problems, Kernel Version 6.8.x, the Controller was detected.
I have no idea why the Controller will not be detected after a completely new installation.
Any idea?

I've had to resort to using a cable. :-/