Xdg-desktop-portal package kept back

I just read through the long, closed 'Xdg-desktop-portal kept back'. I have had the same problem while preparing to upgrade to ZorinOS 17 Pro. I am left completely unsure of what steps I can safely take.

Here is what I have done:

  1. the 17 upgrade instructions say to install all updates. I did this the way that I am used to doing it: sudo apt update & sudo apt upgrade
    ---> In the ouput was 'he following packages have been kept back:
    xdg-desktop-portal' along with the suggestion that I run 'sudo apt -autoremove to remove the unneeded library fuse3 (I don't recall the exact name)
  2. I did run 'sudo apt -autoremove
  3. Then I ran the software updater gui because I am not sure the terminal commands do exactly the same things. It would not complete. All 18 updates said 'installing' and gave the package size. The Handbrake and Edge were automatically removed from the list. After a very long time, the software updater was still saying installing for all of the packages.
  4. I close the updater gui and restarted it. This time the number of updates and increased from 18 to 20. They all said installing. After a long while I close the gui.
  5. I again ran 'sudo apt update' and 'sudo apt upgrade'. Now it says that the xdg-desktop-portal package kept back'.

This is the best that I can remember. There was too much going on. Bottom line: I am afraid to do anything. Should I now run 'sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop -y' as was suggested in the close post?

The GUI application actually just runs the terminal commands for the user.

Please run the following command in terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal

Review the terminal output. Does it list installing xdg-desktop-portal? Or does it say it is already installed and the latest version?

If it lists it installing, then you are good to go.

If planning to upgrade using the Zorin Upgrader; Please Ensure you backup all personal data and files.
Running any do-release-upgrade or upgrader tool comes with an element of risk.

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