XFCE alternative to GNOME

One of the reasons I like gnome is its extensions, it doesn't comment on how much they help and I have become less flexible in choosing my desktop environment. XFCE is a nice and light desktop environment (not that it is very nice compared to gnome or other environments), but the problem is that it can't be an option for me, for 1 reason, and that is the battery, gnome me It gives a few more hours of battery life just for having an extension to change the cpu frequency, and I'm thinking of using auto cpu freq as an alternative to this extension, but, but, but, I'd rather be the one to change the processor frequencies, right? could you suggest me something to extend the battery life or a program that allows me to change the processor frequency manually, please-

I'd give LXQt a spin as it is super light on resources.

You may also want to give LXDE a spin which uses less RAM than xfce:

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So it is possible start software like old Norton Commader or Midnight Commander?

LXDE is not actively maintained ...If you check the github page, you would notice that the last updates date 5 to 6 years back.


Should have checked. Always liked lxde for its Vista like panel!

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