XFCE GOOD Tutorial

Here I found very nice step by step tutorials.
Very good description


The first one says 'This video is unavailable' ..... gotta another link or address for the video .... :+1:

The video seems to load fine for me. I also used this other one to theme my XFCE install of Debian on a separate laptop:


Hummmmm .... I show 2 videos in the above post the first one says 'Unavailable' and if I click on the arrow in the lower right hand corner it takes me to YouTube.com but no link to the video .....

As I don't know what the video's title is I can't search for it ..... however the 2nd one 'Theme My Linux Xfce' .... it works by clicking on it .....

I also can open the link you posted ....... 'Beginner Modifying and Customizing XFCE on Debian Testing. Part 1' ...... with no problem .....

Thanks for that link zenzen ..... :+1:

Here's another good video for customizing Xfce ..... wish I had seen this before or right after installing Zorin Lite .... will be going back and making some changes and applying these tips .......

If this has been posted before please disregard ..... :crazy_face: .....


That's strange, when I inspect the post I see two items in it with one being the video you are referring to but it shows as an embedded iframe which is probably why it's hidden, maybe because of my adblocker.

For reference you can right-click on it -> inspect element and navigate the HTML to see the url of the video:

I'm not sure if copying and pasting that link exactly works, I always just take the id of the video and construct the url like https://youtube.com/watch?v=<video_id>.
Here's the video, it's working fine for me maybe the embed was causing trouble for you as well:

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The first video exist and second also.
Maybe that help.

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I have edited the O.P. to correct the video links.
@Frog , everything should now look normal.


Sometimes this is good update some things if they was before.
Understable research something from long time ago.
Propably administrator this forum have more tools to check that things.