Xfce Panel Profiles

Greetings folks!

I'm new here. And excuse my English, it might be not so good, as it's not my mother tongue.

I'm using the Lite Edition with Xfce DE.

My problem is, I tried the Xfce Panel Profiles application. I thought, I can try it without concern, because I use Timeshift.

Now I changed the Profile, to I think Gnome 2. I only wanted to see how it looks.

As I did not like it, I wanted to switch back to the original one.

I had saved the current configuration before I switched to the other profile. But trying to go back to the original one did not work.

Then I used Timeshift to restore the last snapshot. But that also did not work. It showed still the other panel I don't want to use...

So my question is, how can I go back to the original panel configuration?

Any suggestions or solutions to my problem are really appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

I also do not like how the Layouts delete your current configuration.

You can revert to the default by removing the ~/.config/xfce4/panel directory and logging out and back in.

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Hallo Aravisian!

Thank you very much, and for the prompt answer!


PS: I forgot to mention, I did search the forum, but I did not find a solution for my problem.

Sorry, but I did what you said, but it did not help...

So what to do now?

Please try:

rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml.

Tap alt+F2 and enter into it:

xfce4-panel --restart

Again, this is to reset the panel to the Default, not to restore one of your own custom panel configurations.

Thank you!

I will try it later, when I come home from work.

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Well, @Aravisian, that also did not work... :thinking:

But guess what, I did it on my own now.

I configured the panel almost like it was before manually, it looks now even better, I think. :smiley:

But thank you very very much for efforts!