Xmas decorations pic, need Pinta help

Just tossed some LEDs over the bushes and put up a wreath. Done.

House number is crooked tho. Any idea how to rotate it in Pinta?

Dunno, but if you use gimp I can tell you :wink:

The only decorations in my house is 4 of these:


Also, which version of Pinta?

Am I wrong, or does that house number look like you floated text onto an image?
I would second the notion of using Gnu Image Manipulation Program for this.


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I think I'll try creating a new layer, typing the address on that and then rotating the layer.

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Did it. And once it's on a layer, you can move it around.


Discovered you can use the right mouse button to rotate a selection. Much easier than rotating the layer.

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You'll find Inkscape does something similar. In fact you can copy from Inkscape into Gimp. Inkscape is also the only correct way to create images with speech bubbles for an .epub file, in combination with Gimp.

OK, figured everything out:

*Create a new layer
*Type your text on it
*You can move the text by holding the right mouse button (even without the new layer)
*If you want to rotate the text, select it, go to Move Selected Pixels, hold right mouse button and rotate
*You can move the text by holding the left mouse button

Tried all the key combos and there doesn't seem to be a way to rotate the text without it being on a new layer, but you can move it.

If you want to move or rotate something that's on a solid background, you can create a layer under the image with that background and just move the selection.

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