Xonar DX soundcard does not work on zorin os 16 pro

hi all, i am new to zorin and i recently bought zorin 16 os pro and installed it on a HP DC7900 3Ghz with a 240Gb SSD and 8Gig memory. The OS works perfectly, but I can't get my Xonar DG to work. (HDMI sound does work) At the output I can choose, digital , analog and headphone output. But unfortunately no sound. I think there is some kind of driver installed (3x CMI8786 Xonar DG)
maybe you have any advice or tip to get my good Xonar DG working. Sorry for my bad english, I'm a dutch guy.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I have Xonar DG (CMI 8788) on my second desktop which is running Mint Linux (based on Ubuntu 20.04 same as Zorin 16).

It worked OOB and I did not have to install any driver for it.

Can you open alsamixer and take a screenshot?
To do that open terminal (ctrl + alt + T)
then issue this command:


hi, i opened the alsamixer as you described, and indeed i see the settings and have changed a few things and it works. thank you very much, your advice and solution works and now i can use the xonar DG. However, the sound (DTS/WAV) is a bit dull, so I'll have to use a addon equalizer.


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