Xorg and Gnome using more cpu power then cinnamon

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Since I am using the cinnamon DE then why does Xorg and Gnome-system-monitor are consuming more cpu power then cinnamon ?

Xorg is not a part of Gnome. Xorg is used on all desktop environments for the X-Window Management.

Gnome-system-monitor is used to monitor swap space and other automated tasks. It can run even if you do not launch it.

Is it safe to end process of Xorg ?

No... No, that would be very bad to do.

Xorg controls your graphics, video drivers, window management, keyboard, mouse, monitor controls...

I see, gnome showed you how much of a resource hog it is. It loves to use RAM, lots of it. Have a look!

Stacer Screenshot

Gnome Shell RAM Usage

System run time...

And now you can see, why I await Zorin OS 16 LITE in XFCE


How can I permanently disable the baloo_file_extractor ?
baloo_file_extractor is making my lappy a heater.So I have currently ended the process of it

Baloo... KDE?

balooctl disable

I have removed KDE DE but still there are some apps of KDE and one of them is baloo
Screenshot from 2021-12-02 09-46-11

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sudo apt install synaptic

Launch synaptic, then use the Search Button to search for plasma
Mark All packages that are labeled Plasma Desktop in the description unless it is a known package you use and want to keep as remove completely.
Click Apply when done selecting.
Search KDE and again, remove any KDE installed Bloat and Apps you do not want.
Click apply when done.

This is the method I use to completely remove a desktop environment as it is the best way I have found.

Once complete, reboot.

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My system

Thanks @Aravisian now I will be going to remove all unwanted apps


I same, notice gnome-shell eventually after short time it reaches 1GB RAM, some occasions it reduces itself to 500MB but never goes any lower without restart. Is it because of Zorin Gnome-shell plugins?

It all depends on what your using in the background (plugins, browser and so on)

Nothing running:

Using firefox in the background:

I have 32GB of ram, i really would not care if gnome would eat 5GB for sample. I have plenty of ram. Why would you worry so much about it if you have so much free ram left. I am happy my unused ram gets used :wink:

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