Xorg display vs wayland?

Is there a performance difference between using one or the other in Zorin 17.1? I have a remote access app that works only in xorg at this point.

I'm not really sure about the performance difference in practice, but you're far more likely to find a performance bottleneck due to network conditions than because of the display server you use.


The performance difference is in security.

Wayland is generally faster. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not much. More importantly, it is designed with modern hardware in mind and given good drivers can make better use of said hardware.

Although, you may wanna just use GNOME's built-in remote access tools (Settings > Sharing > Remote Desktop) and forwarding solutions (like using Tailscale or ZeroTier for example to get a connection over the internet to your remote device)

That way you could benefit from both, Wayland and Screen Sharing / Remote Desktop AND it would be RDP, instead of VNC or alike

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In this Case You should simply use X. Or You use another One that works with Wayland too.

Thanks all!