Yandex Mail - Geary

On Geary my Yandex mail doesn't detect, I like Geary because it is lightweight and has a modern layout.
Do you have any experience with Geary and Yandex mail to solve my problem?

you can sumbit your concerns directly on the official GitHub repository for Geary here

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In the meantime, you might read here:

to see if your situation has any similarities and if their proposed solution may help.


You could give Sylpheed a try:

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Yeah, I already checked it, But it didn't solve the problem, I have problem receiving SMS from Yandex, So I guess I have to ditch it and choose another provider

The final question, how can I remove one of my Google Mail from Geary?
There is no option to remove from Geary itself and when I disconnect from Gnome, it still works and nothing happens

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Thanks, But it doesn't work for me...

Temporary I could disable mail from online accounts, So kind of it works, and it's fine for me.