Youtube-dl gui

Hi i am trying to get the youtube-dl gui, i can use youtube-dl perfectly however change the standard path i cant get it changed. Now i found a link to install a gui but i get stuck with finding a packet in the terminal it comes back with : E: cant find package youtube-dlg ,
youtube-dlg is supposed to be installing the gui.
Any body knows ?
p.s here the link :

What version of Zorin OS are you using?

I am on Z16 Beta

The youtube-dl GUI does not work or work properly past Ubuntu 19.04. Z 16 beta is built off of Ubuntu 20.04.
Instead, I use 4k video downloader. You can also use 4k products to extract mp3's from youtube.

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Thank you Aravisian, your quick responding i`ll try the 4k i need to say that i realy love z16 compared with my old Windows its super fast and needs a lot less space on the drive.

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