YouTube not working

As soon as I install the add-ons on my browser YouTube/video stopped working
Add-on that I installed are
Ublock origin
Privacy badger
HTTPS everywhere
Decentralise and changed some settings to
Hardened Firefox
YouTube / video stopped working
Audio and video and DRM are allowed on Firefox still facing issues any suggestions
I experienced this on popos, Linux mint also but haven't got any solution

That is a lot of privacy add-on's all at once. You should try one at a time and see what kills YouTube from playing.
Also which browser you are using. If Firefox with "Enhanced Tracking Protection" set to "Strict", that could also be a factor affecting Google apps like YouTube functioning as expected.


I tried it in safe mode still the issue is same

That demonstrates that this is not Zorin related. Most likely your browser. Closing thread.

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