You've done a great job with Zorin Lite

I just wanted to take a moment and say "thank you" to the Zorin dev. team for doing such a great job with "Zorin Lite". I recently decided to give it a try on one of my Acer Asprire One netbooks and it's been a real nice experience.

The OS is actually pretty "snappy" on my aging netbook and performance has been pretty stable. However, I cannot use the default package/software manager, as it is far too slow and cumbersome with these limited system resources. But, Apt-get works just fine.

I've also replaced FireFox with SeaMonkey and web surfing is much improved. I also had to replace Parole as my music player as, for some reason, it just started giving me "Segmentation Faults" for no apparent reason. So I use Audacious now and it's been fine.

My compliments to the team on putting together such a nice OS for us "legacy" computer users. :wink:


That's using your rig. I also strongly prefer Audacious and it is one of my first installations whenever I reinstall Zorin. I use a StandAlone deadbeef sometimes, too.The Default "Software" channel...We all have our opinions of. For GUI installing, I prefer Synaptic Package Manager. IF you can yank me away from the terminal, anyway.
Similar goes for using Y-PPA-Manager instead of "Software & Updates." Far more versatile. Admittedly, the structure of Software & Updates seems more organized and user-friendly... almost. But the functionality (searching ppas and packages, etc) in Y-PPA-Man makes up for it.

Welcome to the Zorin OS Forum.


Hey, thanks a lot for the welcome! It's great to see an active community behind the Zorin OS.

I'll most likely install Synaptic, as well. It's what I use with the other distros I use, so it's pretty much second nature for me now.